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Top 3 Tips to Get Published in One of Medium’s Top Publications in 2023

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Rejection is the biggest struggle for new writers. Make it a thing of the past.

My most successful shorts on YouTube is about tips to get published in one of Medium’s top publications:

So I decided to share my tips with you in written form too:

  • 1 Read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly to know EXACTLY which types of articles the publication of your dreams does accept and how to properly format your story. It all starts with research.
  • 2 Read a lot of articles of the Top Publication of your dreams before you write your draft and submit it to the publication. Once you have done your research, write a story that is specific to the pub.
  • 3 Write a nice email or leave a nice comment when you fill in the form to get accepted as a writer, leave a nice comment and a private note once you submit a piece.

👉🏻 Why not watch my tutorial videos on YouTube?

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