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Top Secret! Medium Updated its Code of Curation and here’s The Proof

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Medium has kept this a secret, but it’s of great importance for the future.

For the past few years, advice on how to crack the Code of Curation on Medium has been booming.

Being curated = your article will be distributed additionally on Medium’s owned channels — such as their homepage, via their emails, and apps.

Recently, some writers contacted me.

They told me that they had heard through the grapevine that the Code for Curation had been changed.

So I thought to myself:

Only a real detective can solve this.

This is a case for Detective God (as Ken Williams recently called me) — for me! 🕵️‍♀️

❌Specific story types that are 100% not allowed

A few months ago, I’ve shared a Curation checklist (which helped several writers to get distributed on this platform such as Janet Meisel and Sally Prag).

There are specific story types that are not allowed.

  • 1 ❌Short form: Medium states that they don’t push short-form stories of 150 words or less.

🖼️Here’s an example of a short-form story:

Apparently, Claps Are Gone

  • 2 ❌Meta articles: Medium claims that they don’t distribute articles about Medium.

J.J. Pryor owns a pub called ‘Feedium’. There you can find a wealth of information on all kinds of Medium-related topics.

As an expert, J.J. explained that 99% of the articles about this platform won’t get curated — especially if you use the word ‘Medium’ in the headline or subheadline.

🖼️Here’s an example of a meta article:

Bad News For Publications And Good News For Self-Published Writers

1 — BIG NEWS: 1% of short-form stories get curated

In the role of Detective God, I shared before that several writers told me their short-form pieces would have been curated.

🧾Proof #1

Now, I have the proof for you from one of my students.

Her name is Melissa Marietta.

During participating in the Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, she shared this screenshot:

It shows that her short-form story:

Yoga at Forty is not Yoga at Twenty

was chosen for further distribution!

🧾Proof #2

If you frown now and think it’s a glitch, Detective God… well, during the Boot Camp she took part in the 7 Day Shortform Sprint…

and another short-form post got distributed too!

Noticed some traction so I checked my stats. This is my second short to get distributed. (…) My learning from this: you never know! Melissa Marietta

✅ This means: YES! 1% of short-form stories get distributed too!

Considering how much I like short form that’s great to hear, isn’t it?

2— BIG NEWS: 1% of meta stories get curated

A few months ago, in my role as Detective God, I’ve found this article by Joe Moody:

In his article, Joe made an update:

Update: This article was just curated which seems to validate the tips.

Given the fact that Medium doesn’t curate meta articles Kirsty Kendall understandably asked in the comments:

Joe’s answer to this update in curation:

…yeah apparently they’ve started curating articles about Medium, most likely if the advice is solid.

Where can you check if your story was curated or not?

If this story inspired you to write a short form piece or a meta-story, and you want to check whether it was picked for distribution (such as Victoria Valentine wanted to know recently):

  • Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of your story
  • Click on Story Stats.

Is curation still worth it?

There’s one crazy viral hit from S M Mamunur Rahman called:

Why Elon Musk Fired His Long-Term Assistant Who Asked for A Raise

Pro-Proof #1:

Yes! He made $20,000 with it (That’s 5x a year’s income in Dhaka where S M lives) AND…

…it was chosen for further distribution.

Here’s the take from Detective God:

Contra-Proof #2:

S M has written over 250+ articles in the last 1.5 years before he had his super hit.

I guess a lot of his stories were chosen for further distribution too but most of them didn’t even earn him more than $5.

Final Takeaways — Case solved?

In my role as Detective God, I’ve shown you several proofs.

Medium’s Code of Curation has definitely changed.

Do you have other observations you want to share or Detective questions you want me to solve?🕵️‍♀️


Detective Kristina🕵️‍♀️

© Kristina God

Kristina is one of Medium’s Top 1,000 writers. She is a trained journalist and marketing specialist. Medium is her home. She teaches others the game of online writing, how to earn money, and build a writing habit. As a prolific writer, she has written over 650 stories within 16 months on Medium. Her motto: I teach everything I know!

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