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Top Writer Tom Kuegler Started Following Me

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That’s so exciting. Here’s why!

Top Writer Tom Kuegler (53K followers on Medium) is only following 372 people on Twitter.

Well, since yesterday, I’m one of them.

Apparently, we’re connected on Twitter. WOAH!

Summit 2021

Is any Top Writer following you on any social media platform?

Here’s why Tom is following me:

For three weeks — from the first of November to November 22 — he will somehow be part of Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s first ‘Summit 21’.

That’s a cohort-based course for new and emerging writers.

What’s Tom’s role in this course?

Fellow writers Hudson Rennie, Carmen Ballesteros, and Yousuf Rafi are part of the cohort too.

But Top Writer Tom Kuegler?

You can imagine my surprise when he said hello to me via our exclusive Slack group… and then started following me.

Together with a group of 40 amazing writers, I will hit publish for 21 days in November.

I’m wondering what role Tom is playing?!

That’s so exciting.

A few days ago Tom tweeted:

Niharika hand-picked her first cohort.

My first impression is that all 40 content creators want to improve and grow.

Constant self-improvement is crucial.

No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part. Tiger Woods

I will keep you posted, share Tom’s advice and my learnings with you!

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