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Transform Yourself Into a Part-Time Solopreneur in 2024 with This Proven 4-Step Strategy

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Ready for a change? Become a solopreneur on the side, earn some extra cash, and feel happier than ever before.

The end of the year 2023 is near. If you’re aspiring to become a part-time solopreneur in 2024, you can take inspir-ACTION now.

You still have 38 days left to become a solopreneur.

So consider this guide as your essential resource to become a part-time solopreneur as I am.

Let me share with you insights I wish I had when I began my journey three years ago. Perhaps my experiences were meant to be lessons that I could pass on to you.

If you doubt your capabilities, let me assure you, I’ve been there. Three years ago, I felt a bit out of place in a corporate management role with a baby in the house.

Remember, you’re not in this alone. We’re in this together.

So let’s start right in…

Step 1: Start Writing Online

If you’re only consuming but not writing online you might be hesitant to hear this but writing online is a powerful tool.

It not only helps you to build your presence publicly and connect with like-minded individuals, but it also clarifies your thoughts.

From a professional standpoint as a former journalist and from working with multiple media outlets for my clients in the Marketing and Communications world, it’s instrumental in crafting your personal brand and cultivating an audience.

Focus on writing on a single platform initially (I’m a bit biased but I’d suggest Medium :D)), and then adapt and share that content (either directly or in a summarized form) on platforms like X or LinkedIn.

What’s less important when you start:

  • The specific niche you choose
  • How often you post
  • The specific days and times you choose to publish

What’s more important:

  • Engaging actively with others
  • Responding to every comment
  • Continuously learning and growing

A bonus tip: Consider starting a newsletter on Substack (again, I might be a bit biased because I have a Substack newsletter) to build an email list. Followers can be a vanity metric. You don’t get paid for them. Every email subscriber is worth at least $1 per month in the long-term.

Make sure to share the link to your Substack newsletter at the bottom of your stories on Medium and in your bio.

Step 2: Understand Your Audience

Let me share some unexpected things I’ve done since creating part-time in the evening from 7 pm to 9 pm, which I never planned on:

  • 1–1 coaching sessions with aspiring writers and authors
  • Freelancing gigs and brand deals
  • Running two successful cohort-based courses (about creating online courses and writing on Medium)
  • Creating digital products (free eBooks and templates on my Gumroad site)
  • Developing a self-paced course (Substack and Medium Course for Beginners, currently in progress)

Interestingly, I quit freelance gigs, brand deals, and closed my 1–1 coaching business. Not because it wasn’t successful but because I had to trade my soul and time for coaching calls, brand deals, and freelancing gigs that don’t align with my overall goal: more freedom and more time for my family.

Here’s how it all unfolded:

  • Writing on Medium on a daily basis
  • Publishing one Substack newsletter per week (had a break when I was on maternity leave and felt sick when pregnant)
  • Regular tweeting of my Medium stories (used to work but doesn’t anymore since Medium doesn’t allow users to read up to three articles for free per month)
  • Engaging in conversations on Quora, Facebook Reddit (I only use Quora from time to time)
  • Launching a YouTube channel and TikTok account to grow beyond words (couldn’t put that much effort into my YT channel but now post regularly for about 2 months)

Your ‘niche’ emerges at the sweet spot where what you love intersects with what your audience loves.

This doesn’t come from simply copying someone else’s products or ideas. It’s about sharing your work, observing responses, and engaging with your audience.

After a few weeks of this process, ask yourself:

  • What topics do you find most engaging to talk about?
  • What content does your audience seem to enjoy the most?
  • What kind of content gets the most interaction?

Step 3: Monetization is important but should be your final or long-term step

Focus on monetization lastly because credibility breeds valuable products and services that people are willing to pay for.

Starting out without any credibility or authority in your niche might lead to ineffective monetization strategies and potential demotivation.

Here’s an example: you start writing on Medium and are publishing on Medium for three weeks straight… then you want to sell a course or service.

Enjoy the journey and keep it as a side project initially.

When I began, my goal wasn’t to quit my corporate job one day. The idea was to do what I love (writing, as a manager, you don’t put pen to paper that often anymore) and earn some extra money to maybe go part-time in my day job one day.

My corporate salary as a manager in an international company is pretty good. However, I always wanted to have something I own. I built. Working for others is nice. Promoting others and making brands famous is awesome but I also wanted this for myself and see what happens when I start building my own personal brand.


On Medium you can get paid from day one. I was lucky to get all three 500 USD bonuses when I started. Then, 10 months later I earned my first $500 myself. This felt much better than getting those bonuses. My tip: Don’t focus TOO MUCH on getting paid by Medium. In the past reading time was the metric that helped you earn good money. Now with the Boost you win or lose. Don’t write for the algo and Medium. Write something you’re proud of. That shows your expertise and you want to show your mom and dad with a smile on your face (this does mean no porn^^).


I’d recommend starting a free newsletter but I also know from other fellow writers who enabled the paid button right away and now earn $300 to $2,500 p.m.

Based on the pledges I got from my now 3,000 subs I could earn at least $1,300 ARR (annualized recurring income). That’s not much but it shows people would be willing to pay for my newsletter. Spoiler alert: In a few weeks, I’ll offer a paid version.


Now you can get paid when you write on X. You need 5M impressions. I tend to share my stories there and promote them instead of “writing” there but I’m thinking about it.


My eBooks are free but people are willing to pay me. I made $500 so far.

Buy me a coffee /Ko-Fi:

I used to be a fan of those tipping tools. I’m not anymore. Brought me in $300.

Step 4: Commit to at least 100 Days

When I first took up serious online writing, I came to terms with the idea that my initial 15 long-form articles might not be great.

Set a goal for yourself: 100 days of consistent creation. During this period, aim to produce 100 pieces of content. This can also be short-form content.

Understanding that my early articles wouldn’t be perfect was liberating (although most of them were chosen for further distribution by Medium, this was the BOOST back then). It allowed me to focus more on the process and less on the immediate results.

The 100-day mark is also crucial for assessing whether this path is truly right for you.

Being a part-time solopreneur isn’t for you if…

Don’t pursue part-time solopreneurship just because it’s trendy.

Being a part-time solopreneur isn’t for everyone because you also have other responsibilities, such as your family and/or your day job.

It’s important to find what truly fits you and see whether it feels right for you.

If your family or work suffers, you definitely have to take a step back and change something! Been there. Done that. But that’s another story.

You can transform your (work) life with your part-time solopreneurship

Embracing solopreneurship has transformed my life, opening up new possibilities I never knew existed.

Stay dedicated to the steps I mentioned above and be patient with the process and yourself, and you should see positive results.

I hope this guidance serves you well.

Three years ago, I couldn’t have envisioned the transformative journey solopreneurship would take me on.

Remember, it’s a journey. Give it the time it deserves, and enjoy each step along the way.

Your future self will thank you for taking inspir-ACTION.

Any questions or thoughts? I’m all ears!

P.S. Since New Writers Welcome only allows me 3 promotional links, simply trust me that everything I wrote above is true 😀 I’ve published over 1,800 Medium articles on Medium. In my content library, you’ll find further information.

P.S.S. I wrote this with one hand while nursing my baby…

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