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Try This New Medium Engagement Barometer Assessment Test

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And find out whether you’ll join the $100 club soon.

Yesterday, a prolific writer with a following of over 3K on Medium reached out to me.

She told me that she would pump out content on a regular basis and write about popular topics such as #Relationships and #Startup.

Although she puts a lot of effort into writing on Medium and receives a lot of views she hasn’t joined the $100 club yet.

What’s the $100 club?

The so-called $100 club is a club only 6–8% of Medium’s writers are in.

Meaning only a handful of writers earn $100 per month.

I’ve joined the club last summer without knowing about it.

The female writer who contacted me knows about it.

She wants to be part of it too.

So she wanted to know if I think whether she’ll join the club soon and what’s the most important success factor.

In my view engagement is key.

She receives a lot of views but her engagement level is low.

On average, she receives 1 to 2 comments and around 100 claps — although she has a following of 3K.

👉 HINT: The follower count can be a vanity metric! Also with a small following, you can join the $100 club and earn a decent amount of money.

That’s why I send her some questions she should answer.

When she replied to me via email she called it the…

Medium Engagement Barometer Assessment Test

Here are some guiding questions:

  • Do you publish content you’re passionate about? YES — NO
  • Do you publish content for your market/niche? YES — NO
  • Do you have a following on Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, or Quora? YES — NO
  • Do you link from another platform such as Vocal or NewsBreak to Medium? YES — NO
  • Do you have 25 email subscribers on Medium? YES — NO
  • Do people ask you questions? YES — NO
  • Can people contact you via email? YES — NO
  • Do you post and then answer comments? YES — NO
  • Do you experiment with different topics? YES — NO
  • Do you know about the Top Writer tags and use them on a regular basis? YES — NO
  • Do you promote your long form stories via short form stories? YES — NO
  • Do you try to reach for the stars and also get published in a bigger publication? YES — NO
  • Do you have a circle of writing friends? YES — NO
  • Do you have a circle of followers that comment on a regular basis? YES — NO
  • Do you have already at least one referred member? YES — NO

To gauge the engagement factor, answer the following questions.

Consider every “YES!” a +1.

TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS on the Medium Engagement Barometer= 15

  • 👍If you scored higher than 8 points, then you’re in a good position to move forward.
  • If you scored 7 or less, then you have a couple of options. The first option is to spend a little more time building your audience.

No worries!

On a regular basis, I share tips and tricks in my publication Online Writing 101 on how to do this so make sure to follow this go-to source.

I’m curious! Please leave a comment and tell me about your score.

© Kristina God

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