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Turn Casual “Lurkers” Into Dedicated, Engaged Followers

  • 2 min read

Help your followers leave the comfort of lurking

The other day, someone exclaimed in the comments section:

Wow! You have almost 10k followers on Medium. What a great achievement!

It really is a great achievement.

However, you can have tens of thousands of followers but see only a few dollars rolling in.


Because people don’t really engage with your content, clap, comment, and share.

Or even worse, never come back to your profile because they are in lurk mode.

I bet more than 50% of your followers are in lurk mode too!

To turn casual lurkers into dedicated, engaged followers, it’s smart to:

  • give them enough substance to contribute — long form is better than short form
  • create exciting incentives for contributing — e.g. a free eBook
  • reply to every comment and make your readers feel appreciated
  • keep them in the loop about your journey
  • ask them questions

If you keep this in mind, you’ll see a humongous change!


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