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Turn Your Stable Images Into Vivid Videos In 3 Steps — In Less Than 60 Seconds

  • 1 min read

100% free, no signup required.

Stable Video Diffusion lets you turn any image into video.

Here’s the 3-step-approach on how to animate any image in less than 60 seconds:

Step 1: Setup

Visit Replicate from Stable Video Diffusion (SVD).

Step 2: Upload

Upload the static image to be animated.

You can download the image from your library, or a stock photo site, or create it with ChatGPT.

You can also select a test photo and change how it’s animated. Then, click “Run.”

Step 3: Download

Stable Diffusion will then turn your image into a video.

You can adjust the frame rate and aspect ratio to your liking. Once you’re satisfied, click “Download.”

Want to animate a boring 2D photo into a 3D?

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