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Twitter Is Changing, And It’s Tough to Predict What Might Be Next

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Says Substack and offers new ways to communicate.

Recently, Elon Musk “freed the bird”, then mass layoffs began. He asked coders to print their code and introduced Twitter Blue for $8.

Many wonders:

“Quo Vadis Twitter?”

The highly hyped newsletter platform Substack has the answer and warned in the post:

“Twitter is changing, and it’s tough to predict what might be next.”

Now TechCrunch reports that Substack has thrown its hat into the ring by rolling out its new discussion feature called Substack Chat.

It’s a traditional chat that allows writers and readers to connect on a deeper and more private level.

Substack published a guideline helping writers to transform Twitter followers into Substack subscribers.

One tip from technology columnist Taylor Lorenz is to link directly to your work on Substack!

image credit: Taylor Lorenz

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