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Twitter Seems To Have Completely Forgotten Its Own Revue

  • 2 min read

That’s why I moved my newsletter.

Revue is very similar to Substack.

It’s run by Twitter and serves as a newsletter platform that can also be used as a blog.

A few months back, I built a newsletter called “Online Writing Made Short & Sweet” via Revue.


I liked the integration with Twitter where I’m hanging out every day to connect with other creators and Medium writers.

Here you can see the directly embedded subscribe button on my Twitter profile:

Since Elon Musk cut Twitter in half (laid off thousands of employees and wants to change $8 for Twitter Blue) I’ve done a lot of research and I’m not sure Musk knows that Revue exists.

Plus, once he knows, I bet he’ll kill it.

So I moved my newsletter to Substack! Join me there! It’s free!

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