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Twitter vs. Substack — Elon Musk’s Latest Ban of Substack Links Leaves Creators Frustrated

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A few minutes ago, he also suspended Substack Inc.

It’s a rude awakening for all Medium writers who also have a newsletter on Substack.

A few hours ago, I shared in my Substack newsletter that although most creators rely on Twitter as their primary growth driver…

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Elon Musk has blocked links and content from Substack on the platform.

A vulgar joke and a belated April Fool’s prank

In recent days, Elon Musk has been making some baffling changes to Twitter, including swapping the iconic bird logo for a Dogecoin-associated Shiba Inu and covering the letter “w” in the name of Twitter at the San Francisco headquarters.

However, the most alarming change for Substack creators is Twitter’s recent decision to block links to Substack content.

Twitter blocks Substack links

Substack now finds itself among other unwelcome sites like Mastodon (and Facebook, and Instagram).

As a result, sharing a Substack link on Twitter is (nearly) impossible (*read on to learn more), and users can’t like or reshare a tweet with a Substack link, nor can they bookmark a tweet to check back later.

Substack introduced Notes and Elon banned the platform

Musk’s decision to block Substack content seems to stem from his perception of Substack as a rival to Twitter.

Elon has a history of restricting competitors, such as Mastodon (the Anti-Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook, as well as content from mainstream media that he dislikes.

Last Wednesday, Substack introduced a new feature called Substack Notes, which allows creators to post short updates similar to tweets.

Users can like, repost, and reply to these Notes. This new feature might have triggered Musk’s decision to block Substack content on Twitter.

Substack Inc. suspended

While writing those lines, I just saw that Substack was suspended and you can’t find Substack’s founders anymore.

photo credit: Twitter search for Substack

What you can do now?

Don’t tell anyone but there are some options.

  • You can still post a linked screenshot.
  • You can embed a Substack link as a quote-tweet — but only by pasting its URL into a fresh tweet.
  • You can link to your Medium (LinkedIn, Vocal, NewsBreak) article where you embed a link to your Substack newsletter.
  • You can shorten the link with A few minutes back, I run a test and it works. Let’s see for how long…

To learn more about the rude awakening for Substack creators, check out my latest post and connect with the community:

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