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Two Years Ago I Had Zero Followers

  • 2 min read

Time to celebrate my 7.5K followers and share my growth journey.

Okay, you might wonder:

Why is Kristina celebrating 7.5K followers?

BECAUSE I think that’s it for 2022.

I’ll end the year with this follower count and I really like it.

Two years ago, I had ZERO followers.

Within the last past months, I’ve seen great growth — which you’ll see as well when you write consistently and stay persistent:

There is a rule saying you should create content for at least two years straight and then you’ll see results.

After two years, I have a backlog of stories. People can scroll through my profile page, check out my curated lists, and dive deep into topics such as Substack, Medium or marketing.

People like and trust me and that’s what is most important.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, I believe you will gain even more followers than I did within two years.

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