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Use This List Of Medium’s Top Writer Tags to Make Your Life Easier

  • 2 min read

Plus valuable tips to becoming Medium’s Next Top Writer.

It’s so important to understand how tagging works on Medium.

So in winter 2021, I put in the effort to track down what the top writer tags are and shared a list with you.

Several writers reached out to me and said things like:

I realize now how little I know about tagging and how I’ve incorrectly tagged my articles.

What do you need to know about tagging?

1 — Check out my list with the Top Writer tags.

2 — Use a mix of Top Writer and specific tags (2–3). Max 5!

Some WOW testimonials

I received Top Writer in Parenting with less than 10 total published articles. It can be done. Dr. Lori Fishman

OMG! I became a Top Writer within 20 days of Kristina’s Boot Camp! Teresa Morillas

Check out the list:

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