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Use This Specific Super Bowl Tag to Become a Top Writer on Medium

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Within hours you can boost your success on the platform and on Google by writing about what you’re passionate about.

Every day, you can become a Top Writer on Medium.

Every day, you can grow your audience and get more reach.

You didn’t know about this?

Well, most writers don’t.

So today a writer asked me about Super Bowl.

He wanted to write about Super Bowl Sunday, his favorite athletes, and The Puppy Bowl.

I replied to him and told him that I think it was actually pretty smart to write about this amazing event.

🏈It’s a great hook and millions of people around the world are interested in it.

I told him to get those nachos ready and write not one but 2–3 stories.


Because there has never been a better time to become a Top Writer!

some Top Writer badges from Kristina God

Medium readers follow tags on Medium.

Everyone who follows #NFL and wants to know what others are saying about the Super Bowl has got the chance to see your stories.

If you're a football fan, this is YOUR TIME.

🏈You can become a Top Writer in #NFL.

Photo 105191654 © Phoenix021 |

#NFL is eligible for Top Writer status on Medium.

Only a few writers are sharing stories about this topic, so that’s the perfect niche for you.

NFL Tag Page

If you want to make the Top 50 list for #NFL, for example, make sure to include the NFL tag on your stories about Super Bowl Saturday.

There are a ton of folks who take today pretty seriously.

Whether you want to write about the return of Rihanna, supreme nachos, or cute puppies… make sure to use this Top Writer tag!

Hint: given the fact that each article you write can handle only 5 tags at most, to become a top writer you need to choose your 5 best! Make #NFL one of them.

Here’s an example:

Tags I would use

Act differently

According to a national poll, an estimated 18.8 million football fans plan to call in sick to work the day after the Super Bowl to recover.

If you're one of them… why not put pen to paper and (self-) publish your thoughts on Medium?

Medium has a high Domain Authority (DA). It’s 95. On the level with super brands such as Facebook.

Google loves Medium and trusts it.

Take advantage of this and reach millions of people who are googling around the Super Bowl right now!

Google Trends

Why only share it with your friends and family?

There are more people out there who are longing to read what you’re thinking.

🏈The Top 5 Writers on the topic #NFL

At the moment, Lauren Elizabeth Larrylambert Brian Dickens Barrabee John V. Culver Bumpyjonas – he/him are leading the ranking!


Check out the whole list here!

🏈You can really increase your chances of becoming a Top Writer on Medium.

I do have tremendous respect for athletes who are the BEST at what they do and I love to watch Super Bowl with my family!

This means you could become one of the most influential writers in this specific category on the platform. How would you feel about this?

Medium updates its Top Writer list on a daily basis… so get your NFL Top Writer badge, my friend!

Enjoy those nachos!🧀🌽

Learn more about becoming a Medium Top Writer:

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