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Use This Specific Tag to Get Featured by Medium’s Editors This March

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There’s one specific #tag you need to use.

Each day, new writers join Medium.

Each day tens of thousands of stories are published on the inspiring platform.

The competition is high.

You might wonder:

“How to stand out from the crowd?”

This March, when you hit the publish button, there’s one specific tag (=keyword, label) you should use to get featured by Medium’s editors.

Spoiler alert:👍 It’s absolutely doable to get picked by Medium’s editors.

What to write about this March to get featured?

In one of their latest newsletter, Medium invited all writers to share their pandemic stories.

Here at Medium, we’ve always placed a high value on individual expertise and personal expression. That’s why we’d like to hear your pandemic stories.

What kind of pandemic stories is Medium looking for?

Medium is looking for all kinds of stories:

  • individual expertise
  • personal expression
  • personal narrative

“What’s the most notable thing that’s happened to you or someone you know in the past three years? In what ways has your life changed? Your work? Your community? Your country? The world, in your eyes? Is there practical information you’d like to share? A singular perspective? Improbable as it may be, has anything good come out of this from your point of view?” Jon Gluck, Editorial Director of Special Projects at Medium.

Here’s an example from my experience:

“There’s a sense of peace that comes with pulling back from the zeitgeist of FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out.

In quarantine, I realized that it’s good to consciously shift down a gear and listen to one’s own needs. It’s crucial to concentrate on the most important people.”

How to participate?

To participate in the writing prompt, publish a reflection of your unique pandemic experiences and tag it “Pandemic Stories” as 189 writers did so far.

tag page Pandemic Stories

Medium will feature a selection of the stories in this curated list as well as on their newsletter and Staff Pick feed:

Staff Pick “Pandemic Stories”

Plus, on its owned socials including their new Mastodon instance for Medium members,

New and previously published posts are both welcome.

How to tag a (previously published) story?

To appear on the tag page of “Pandemic Stories”, use the tag #Pandemic Stories.

I submitted How To Practice ‘The Joy Of Missing Out’ And To Say ‘No’ When It Matters Most. It’s a previously published post about the “Joy of Missing Out” from April 2021.

It was “chosen for further distribution” and I made $10 with it.

Here’s how I changed my tags/how to tag

  • Go to the three-dot menu at the top right of your published story.
  • Click on Edit story
  • Click on the three-dot menu again and then on Change Topics
  • Delete one tag and add “#Pandemic Stories.

Final Takeaways

Today is the solemn anniversary of March 11, 2020, worldwide notice of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Browse the #Pandemic Stories tag page to read other contributors’ pieces to get some inspiration.

When I found out about this “strange disease”, I was just pregnant with my first child.

As I work in the pharmaceutical industry as a marketing manager, I took Covid-19 very seriously from the beginning and did everything to protect myself, my newborn, and my family.

However, a year later I fell ill and even had to go to the hospital and leave my baby at home sick.

What’s your defining memory of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Can’t wait to see your story getting featured by Medium!

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