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Use This Specific Tag When You Hit Publish For The First Time

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in order to boost your success on Medium

Each day, new writers join Medium. Each day tens of thousands of stories are published on this inspiring platform.

Many of those stories are written by newbies. When you hit the publish button for the very first time, there’s one specific tag (=keyword, label) you should use.

Recently, Medium shared a roundup of first time Medium writers in Medium’s official blog called ‘Creators Hub’ where the team has started promoting new writers.

In their first roundup, it’s Kasia Furlong, Christopher Boyd, Natasha Nichole Lake, Aaliyah Hernandez, and Fuaad Coovadia.

Welcome to our community, guys!

Here’s the post:

Medium has started to promote new writers

Michelle Woo, Senior Platform Editor at ‘FORGE’, offers you to be highlighted and promoted by Medium.

By adding the tag #Hello World to your post, your work may be included in a future roundup by Medium too.

What’s a tag?

When you publish a post on Medium, you can add tags (=labels) to your post that describe what your post is about.

You can write whatever you think describes your post.

Medium uses these labels to inform their algorithms for showing content and organizing it.

How do I tag my article correctly with #Hello World?

Let me give you an example:

  • When you’ve written your first article click on the three dots next to your notification button and choose ‘Change tags’.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Then type ‘Hello World’, as I did below, and add further labels that describe your post.
screenshot by Kristina God

You can add 5 tags max to your post.

Final Takeaways

I wanted to introduce the #HelloWorld tag to you, in order to help you get promoted by Medium, boost your followers and success on Medium.

Additionally, the tag makes it easy for everyone to find stories from brand new Medium writers.

screenshot by Kristina God; Official tag page for ‘Hello World’

Here’s the official tag page to discover more:

Check it out and try the tag #HelloWorld!

© Kristina God

Kristina God is 11x Top Writer and one of Medium’s Top 2,000 Writers. 4x she received the Medium bonus. She loves to share her Medium 101’s, hacks as well as tips and tricks.

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