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Use This Specific Tag When You Want To Be Featured By Medium

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and get more eyeballs on your content

Fellow writer Nancy Blackman who is part of my first bootcamp this month wrote a beautiful piece that was featured by Medium’s editors.

Here’s her outstanding piece about the relationship between a daughter and her dad.

You may wonder:

How did Nancy make it to get featured by Medium?

Here’s the simple trick.

Take part in Medium’s weekly writing prompts.

With the tag #Writehere you participate in the challenge WriteHere.

This helps you to get seen by Medium’s editors.

When you use this tag by a ‘happy accident’😉 your piece might be picked from the Tag Page.

screenshot by @kristinagod; screenshot by

You’re competing ‘only’ with around 600 writers.

6K stories have been published so far.

👍 It’s absolutely doable to join the ranks and be picked by Medium’s editors.

Here’s more:

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