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Use This Trick To Hack Any Publication and Steal The Medium Blueprint

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Psst! Don’t tell anyone.

Have you ever wondered what the top writers on this platform do differently?

They read extensively📰.

Every single day,

That’s smart! By reading the work of others you are constantly improving your own skills and can learn a lot.

Do you know what Ayo, Sinem, Zulie, and Tim also have in common?

They’ve analyzed hundreds of top-performing stories to see what works on the platform and what Medium’s curators and algorithm likes.

That’s how they can sell “Medium Blueprints”.

Top Writers on Medium are in good company.

Mr. Beast, YouTube’s most influential creator, analyses every single piece of his video to make it better and better and better.

However, what works for other Top Writers or Mr. Beast, doesn’t have to work for you and the topics you’re writing about.

Why not create your own Medium Blueprint?

Yes, you heard me right.

I have a super cool Medium hack for you. The best part: it’s 100% free!

You can hack any publication on Medium and learn what the trending or best-performing stories are.

Let’s get to it!

How to hack any Medium publication

Simply type in the domain of the publication you love, for instance, Better Marketing, one of Medium’s Top 10 publications owned by Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine, and

add: /archive

Better Marketing archive hack

You get to the archive of stories published by Better Marketing.

Now you can sort by trending, most read, oldest, or latest:

Better Marketing archive hack

If you sort for “best” you will for instance find one of my stories about Substack that got featured by Medium:

VoilĂ !

Dive into the monthly archive

You can dive into monthly archives by using the calendar at the top of the page.

You won’t believe it, but you can go back to 2016!


Hint: You can use this archive hack with any publication on Medium you like.

Analyze the best-performing articles and grow

How to create your own Medium blueprint?

Pick a well-performing story, take a closer look


 and simply ask yourself

  • Why did this article perform so well?
  • How do I like the headline? How is it formatted? What topic does it cover?
  • What can I learn from it for my writing journey?

By reading and analyzing lots of articles from one publication you can get a sense of what makes an article successful on Medium.

Final Takeaways

Read the trending and best-performing stories, learn from them, get inspired, and ask yourself:

  • What can I learn and do to increase my writing further?

Happy reading and writing!

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