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Volume vs. Quality — What’s More Important To get Boosted?

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It’s a common question

Often, I get asked what’s more important.

Pumping out tons of Medium stories or focusing on high-quality pieces when your goal is to get Boosted.

Recently I interviewed Medium’s Publication Relations Director as well as an official Boost curator from the community.

For both quality is super important.

Your story has…

  • to be useful
  • make an impact
  • to be written based on personal or professional experience

Only if it’s high quality enough it’s also eligible for a Boost by Medium.

Then a community curator could pick it, be recommended to Medium’s internal curation team, and finally get Boosted.

It’s even okay to use AI…

to help you reach high quality, you have to be the writer.

ChatGPT can’t give your piece the human touch that is needed to get Boosted.

You can only use it as a writing assistant.

More about Medium’s new Boost System:

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