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Want to Become a Top Writer on Medium? Here’s How in 3 Easy Steps

  • 2 min read

Learn my proven strategy.

I shared how Medium Can Bring an Audience for Your Writing in An Instant.

It received a lot of attention and engagement.

Emily Porter Kanchan Aneja Quinn Oaks asked me about how to become a Top Writer.

Here’s my proven 3-Step-Process that helped hundreds of (new) writers become Top Writers on Medium:

STEP 1 — Know the Top Writer tags

If you want to become Medium’s next Top Writer, you need to know which tags are eligible for Top Writer status.

73 tags are eligible.

I created a list that you can access by clicking here.

STEP 2 — Tag correctly

I often rank on page #1 on Google.


I tag correctly.

You have up to 5 tags that you can use. Make sure to use 1–3 Top Writer tags.

Step 3 — Get strategic about becoming a Top Writer

Mix tags with high and low competition!

Here’s a list.

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