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Want to Become An Extrovert? Sure Thing!

  • 2 min read

You won’t believe it but I’m an introvert who embraces extroversion.

I met my future husband on a tram.

That would never have happened if both I and my now-husband hadn’t started embracing extroversion instead of introversion.

That’s why I say it’s possible to turn into an extrovert (even if you’re still an introvert at the bottom of your heart).

My husband attended a pickup convention where the guru asked a challenging question.

He asked, “If you were an extrovert, what would that look like? How would you speak differently to women?”

Patrick thought about it and answered, “I would enjoy being with women. I would enjoy talking to them. I would enjoy meeting interesting women. I would feel stimulated talking to them.”

It’s possible to become an extrovert

The moment he committed, got over his shyness and became more outgoing, he met me — on the tram.

Learn how our love story began and get inspired:


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