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Want To Grow Your Substack Newsletter Fast? Here’s My Checklist For You!

  • 2 min read

28% of my subscribers come from recommendations.

Want to grow your Substack subscriber base fast?

Let’s talk about the secret sauce on Substack — recommendations from other fabulous authors.

The way it works is newsletter authors can recommend other newsletters they enjoy.

Currently, over 120 other newsletters recommend my newsletter 😱 and I gained more than 900 subscribers from their recommendations.

photo credit: Kristina God on Substack

28% of my more than 3,300 subscribers come from recommendations.

Friggin’ bonkers, isn’t it?

This value-packed checklist will give you the high-level strategies you need to grow your Substack.

Plus, the confidence and clarity to fast-track your success on Substack while making other writers happy as well.

It’s the checklist I would have needed one year ago when I started writing on Substack.

Grab my Checklist for 2024 for free here:

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