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Wanted! The Top 10 Blogging Platforms In 2022

  • 1 min read

Besides Medium.

Recently, a new writer told me he was annoyed about all the latest changes on Medium.

He said he’d want to write for another platform.

Although, of course, I told him that we only have got one life.

With 40,000 weeks to live.

And that my recommendation would be not to call it quits and continue writing on Medium…

I recommended these platforms which were at the top of my mind.

Here are the Top 10 Blogging Platforms

1 — Substack

2 — Vocal.Media

3 — Twitter

4 — WordPress

5 — NewsBreak

6 — HubPages

7 — Wattpad

8 — Ghost

9 — Steemit

10 — Simily

Please note: It’s just a list. Not a ranking!

Now I need your help!

I’m curious.

  • Is there another platform you write on — besides Medium?
  • What are your insights, the ins, and the outs of the platform?

Based on your feedback I’ll write a long form story!

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