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Watch Out For The One-Time Engagement Bonus In The Next Few Days

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Your earnings haven’t been fully calculated YET — $$$!

On a constant basis, I need to show my students where they can check their earnings.


NO! You don’t have to wait until you receive an email by Stripe that looks like this — with the exact payout that is on its way to your bank account.


NO! You don’t have to wait until the end of the month. You can check your earnings WHENEVER you want!

Medium updates your earnings daily at around 3 am EST.

  • Click on your avatar.
  • Click on Medium Partner Program.
  • Click on February to see the completed period. (Tomorrow you can see day 1 of March).


For February, your earnings haven’t been fully calculated YET!

Medium will add a one-time engagement bonus to your earnings.

You’ll see this in your dashboard soon.

example from bonus payment in July 2021 Kristina God

Here’s what you need to know🤑

If you have heard of Medium’s new audio feature which allows you to listen to stories, raise your hand!


If you’re seeing the play button at the top of stories, raise your hand!

play button example by Kristina God


Awesome, my friend!

Then, I have exciting news for you.

🤑 You’re eligible to earn the one-time engagement bonus!

How will Medium’s new and incredible audio feature affect my earnings?

  • Medium will factor listen time into the payout calculations for February 2022.
  • Your stories have to be behind Medium’s paywall — meaning you have more than 100 followers and already successfully joined the Medium Partner Program.
  • As an eligible writer, you’ll see a positive adjustment in your earnings before you’ll receive the notification email from Stripe for February 2022.

Final Takeaways

You could be one of the lucky ones who are eligible to earn an extra $$$ bonus.

Fingers crossed!

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I’m so grateful for you and really appreciate your support.

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