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Watch Out, You May Have Two Accounts On Medium

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and should kill one of them

Medium readers don’t follow for single-minded expertise.

They follow for personality.

For voice.

You need to let that shine through in your bio.

That’s why I check the bios of the (new) writers I coach first.

Moreover, I search them via Medium’s search bar.

Lately, I’ve discovered an awkward phenomenon I want to share with you.

This phenomenon I see on a regular basis

I’ll give you three examples.

Example #1:

Here it is:

screenshot by Kristina God

I discovered my boot camper Trisha Dunbar (She/Her) has two accounts on Medium.

When I sent her my coaching email to inform her about this phenomenon she replied in our exclusive Slack group:

Bit concerned there are two of me on Medium!

Second me doesn’t show for me which makes this more worrying (…)

Example #2

My boot camper Charles Waters has also two accounts.

In his case, I guess you would intuitively select the first one because the second one has no avatar.

screenshot by Kristina God

Example #3

Yesterday, I met John Couper. John reached out to me via email. He didn’t send me his Medium handle, that’s why I searched for him on Medium.

Again I found two accounts.

I accidentally had a look at the wrong one first before I found he also had a second one.

screenshot by Kristina God

Here’s why you should kill your second you

#1 — It’s a hurdle

When people have to choose the right account it’s frustrating and definitely a hurdle.

#2 — It’s not professional

You have one personality. You have one voice. You are one brand.

When you want to brand yourself online you need to do it professionally.

#3 — It’s undermining your goals

Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, offers a relational platform.

It’s all about relationships and engagement. (If you want to learn more about the Let’s Get Relational idea, click here.)

Let’s assume a reader loved your article and wants to give you a shout out:

I loved Trisha’s very successful article The Life Lessons Gifted to Me By a Homeless Gentleman. Now I want to mention her article and tag her (= meaning to relate to her by typing @ and her name).

Let’s see what happens:

screenshot by Kristina God

As Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles exclaimed on Slack:

Gosh. I tagged you in a post I just published. Hope I got the right ‘you’.

Given these three reasons, you should definitely kill one account.

Yes! Kill it!

When you’re a paying member (if not, here you can become one) the true and correct you should have a green ring around his avatar as it pays the subscription.

Hint: The green ring is not easy to see.

Final Takeaways

Search your name on Medium’s search bar.

Chances are high there are two of you when…

  • you had a free account before you became a Medium member
  • or opened an account a few years ago.

Reach out to Medium Support (email: and ask them to kill your second account.

There is only one of you. You are the only you that there is.

Kill the other one!

© Kristina God

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