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We Come To Medium Hungry for a Juicy Steak but Just Get…

  • 2 min read

some lukewarm chicken McNuggets!

Many members are angry at Medium.

Although the membership fee is only $5 per month they quit writing or reading on Medium… or all together.

Several writers shared with me that they don’t see an increase in their referred members but a drastic decrease.

I don’t promote my membership anymore as I used to and I also see a decrease in my Stats.

Whenever I can, I ask my referred members why they quit.

It’s simple.

They were hungry for a juicy steak and only got lukewarm chicken McNuggets.

In other words, they don’t like the quality of the writing on Medium.

The *taste* is missing.

Luckily with Medium’s new Boost Beta Program, Medium wants to promote more quality stories written by humans for humans.

I think this is a step in the right direction.

How do you feel about the quality of Medium stories?

Learn more about the Boost:

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