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We Live or Die by Medium’s Boost

  • 2 min read

Getting Boosted or not makes a HUGE difference.

“It is not enough to write things people enjoy and engage with. We live or die by the Boost”, Michelle Teheux shared with me via email.

In September 2023 she had 5 Boosted pieces and made $1,300 in a single month which is huge and I featured her here and on Substack.

Since Michelle belongs to those writers on Medium who really need the money, let’s see how Michelle could get Boosted more often and thus earn more money.

Let’s check her profile:

  • ✅She has a nice profile image.
  • ✅She has a nice bio where she shares that she’s a former newspaper editor
  • ✅Hell, she even shows her contact details (so potential clients can contact her or followers can ask her questions.).

What’s missing?

The book author badge!

Having that little icon next to your name gives you a bit more clout in regard to getting Boosted.

Learn more:

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