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We Made $14,000 Under 1 Month Part-Time By Doing This

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It’s smart to sell even if you only have an idea of the product

It’s *us* because my husband and I run a business together.

It’s a proven strategy I want to show you to earn $14,000 USD in less than a month.

Sell even if you only have an idea of the product

My husband had an idea for a .NET course he wanted to offer.

Instead of creating the content for the online course, he joined Thinkific and created a sales page where he shared an outline and further details about the product he wanted to create.

He also introduced his idea in a video and put a price tag on his offer.

It was a pre-sale offer for his email and YouTube subscribers

We knew there was a demand for the course but we wanted to know whether people would really be willing to pay for it.

In less than four weeks, we made $14,000 USD.

Start before you’re ready!

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