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Welcome, New Writers Of The Shortform

  • 2 min read

Let’s get to know you a bit better

Our aspiring publication ‘The Shortform’ with 2K followers has some new awesome writers.

We are thankful for these amazing writers🙏🏻:

Adesh Acharya: He’s a thinker, Top Writer in #Books, enterprise.

MIND™, World, and Life realities I expose; New frontiers I explore.

Adam James: He’s human-ish, a Philosophy alumnus, doodler of cats, and 2021-dater.

Rasa Zalite: She’s a writer who wears her heart on the sleeve. The here and now kind of person. Moreover, Rasa is an editor on ‘Freedom Architects’.

Rise Walter: He’s an author of crime fiction and more. Former newspaper editor and reporter.

Sharee Biggs: She’s a hot yoga lover, hiking enthusiast (me too), and nature lover.

I write about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

Why not join us?

Send me an email at!

👇Here’s all you need to know👇:

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