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What Apple Decreasing Production for iPhone 14 Plus Shows Us About Consumers

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There’s a shift in consumer spending priorities.

I was raised by consumers.

My parents aren’t creators.

My hubby helped me to transform myself into a creator (besides my 9–5 job) and create a life on my own terms, though also raised by consumers.

I LOVE that more and more people are thinking about their spending priorities in this day and time when you have the feeling you’re living on a constant earthquake.

There’s a Shift in the Behavior of Consumers I See

They are more thoughtful when it comes to upgrading their smartphone.

For the first time, Apple is cutting back production by 70% to 90% on the iPhone 14 Plus due to low sales.

What’s really important?

Upgrading your brain! Investing in yourself. Taking the leap of faith and starting your own creative journey.

That’s smart.

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