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What Are 100 Medium Referrals Worth on Medium?

  • 1 min read

It’s a super nice recurring passive income.

If someone joins Medium using your referral link, you will receive half of their monthly membership fee in perpetuity.

That implies you get $2.17 as long as that member pays for Medium membership.

That works out to $21.70 for 10 people.

Assume you have 100 individuals to do it — that’s $217.

You now have $217 every month, whether or not you write.

What I like about the Medium Referral Program is…

…it’s a far more consistent source of income because it doesn’t rely on a large number of views.

This source can be gradually built up over time, and unless a large number of people sign up or quit all at once, the number remains very steady.

Normally, your monthly pay on Medium is determined by whether or not your post goes popular.

The referral revenue is significantly more consistent.

Jim Clyde Monge recently hit the 100 subs mark:


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