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What Are Medium’s Badges and Why Are They so Exciting

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Are you ready for the next “level”?

The other day, my student Charlie Garrett stated:

I received one badge for this Take “Retire” Out Of Your Vocabulary Forever!, and wasn’t sure what it was about!

Well, his accountability buddy Kylie van Gelder shared with him how powerful these types of badges are.

This means your articles were bumped to the next “level”. Exciting!!, said Kylie.

You receive them via email — so make sure to allow Medium to send you notifications!

Since we’ve started (with the Boot Camp), I’ve received a badge for 2 of my articles! Both are the 10 fan ones. Kylie van Gelder

As shown above for instance this one:

Why are these badges so powerful?

Medium’s business model is the relational model. Meaning it’s all about connections and relationships.

Fans = people who clapped for your story👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Why is it such a big deal when I get a notification telling me my post has 10 or 50 fans?

  • Because it means 50 readers actually liked my story.
  • It shows me that my article is interesting for my audience and the community.

They tell Medium’s algorithm that a story is relevant.

Every algorithm (on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok…) loves engagement.

Your content isn’t automatically sent to all of your followers.

Only the ones you interacted with lately (and their followers) will see your articles.

10, 50, or 100 fans is a magic number and metric that triggers Medium’s algorithm.

👏🏻The more fans clap the more feeds Medium will send your story to and show your post.👏🏻

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Learn how Medium’s algorithm works:

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