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What Do You Prefer? Doom and Gloom or Feel Good Stories

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Wolves vs. lambs

When I logged into Medium and checked my recommended feed, there were two types of stories that really piqued my interest as an avid reader:

  • Doom And Gloom (Medium is dying; Russia is gonna destroy the world)
  • Feel Good Stories (Tap into your superpower; Shift your mindset and your gonna be wealthy)

In 80% of the cases, I prefer to read feel-good stories.

The dark stuff gets me down.

However, you can become a Top Writer on Medium by sharing dark stuff as well as feel-good stories.

  • Dark and weird stories create dissonance and are provocative. Their authors write to tear your throats out (metaphorically speaking!). They are wolves.
  • Feelgood stories share positive vibes, inspiration, and positivity. Their authors are lambs. Eating grass and growing.

What type of stories/authors do you prefer and why?


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