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What Does *Boosted* On Medium Really Mean?

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There are circulating a lot of rumors and misinformation.

On Quora, I got asked about the new Boost Beta Program.

There are circulating a lot of rumors and misinformation and people just want to know what getting *Boosted* really means.

In his initial announcement, Medium’s CEO Tony Subblebine shared:

“Our job is to Boost the best ideas and best information on Medium.”

Boosting comes down to which stories Medium recommends.

Medium wants to find and recommend quality content that’s tailored to each reader’s interests.

In fact, it’s the highest-level Boost in the history of Medium.

That’s why it’s “worthy of a capital B Boost”.

Getting Boosted means…

  • more money
  • more page views
  • more impact
  • more engagement

Medium’s promise:

“In the future, the way Medium boosts quality stories will be much more impactful than the old distribution model.”

For more check out my interview with Ariel from Medium

…and grab my free eBook on the Boost!

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