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What I Think About The Follow/Unfollow Game On Medium

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and why it’s a dangerous and stupid strategy for new writers.

Not sure exactly what hot mess I’m talkin’ about in that headline?

Honestly, that’s good!

Or are you thinking:

No, not me, Kristina, I’m not a player!

However, let me tell you about one of the WORST Medium “strategies” out there which some (new) writers seem to really advocate for (on Facebook).

They advise you to follow 100 people, comment on a few of their posts and then follow them back when they do so.

Quickly “unfollow” them…

credit: GIPHY

Keep repeating until you reach your desired number of followers since you didn’t care about them anyway?

Does anyone else feel straight-up gross when they hear that?

This really kind of blows my mind.

It’s definitely not the best technique to attract new followers.

Plus, it doesn’t really work over time, and, to be honest, it has a high chance of making you look bad.

Therefore, let’s strike “delete” on that approach.

Kindly promise me you won’t partake in those antics to reach 100 followers in order to join the Medium Partner Program!

Medium is watching you guys!

In a roundtable discussion with Top Medium Writers, Medium’s new CEO told Zulie Rane, Jon Brosio, and Sinem Guenel that there are writers who share publicly that they (have to) DO the follow/unfollow

or follow for follow game: when you follow them, they follow you back. When they follow you back, they grow your following but don’t engage with any of your content…

credit: GIPHY

— although Medium has actively started purging and banning these accounts since Tony became the new CEO.

In 2021, Medium’s founder already shared to

(a)ccurately reflect(ing) your unfollow actions.

Final Takeaways

Stubblebine emphasizes that the idea behind the threshold was that you simply start writing, connecting with others, and publishing first and THEN join the Partner Program.

My tip, dear new writers, better settle on something fundamental for Medium — writing, engaging, and connecting with others around the world.

One more thing once you’re in the Partner Program:

You’re not guaranteed success just because you have a lot of followers!

I made my first $500 with under 1K followers.

With 6K followers, I make about $1,000+ per month with writing here.

My tip: Don’t act stupid and get banned!

© Kristina God

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