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What Is A Lead Magnet and Why It’s The Most Powerful Tool To Grow Your Email List

  • 2 min read

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

It’s a valuable piece of content that you give away for free.

In exchange, you want your audience’s name and email addresses to grow your list.

Have you ever felt drawn in by the promise of a free guide?

Well, that shows the power of a lead magnet.

You think:

OMG, I can’t believe this is free!

A lead magnet is…

  • something your audience wants
  • they can get a mini transformation from
  • a quick win to gain momentum
  • something you could charge for but you don’t

Here’s a great example of how to take action

If you write on Medium, you could publish a free eBook on Gumroad.

Don’t forget: the strength of your email list is directly tied to the growth of your business!

Learn how I grew my list from zero to 1,000:

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