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What Is An Author’s Body Of Work and Why Is It So Powerful?

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In any serious business, the fast and easy buck is a lie.

Unfortunately, a lot of (online) writers think they write one piece of content, and then BOOM! it’s gonna be a hit.

Here’s the harsh truth. This is a misconception.

As in any serious business, it takes hard work, consistency, and perseverance to reach your goal.

An “author’s body of work” is the library of content an author has created throughout his career.

You can showcase your body of work on your own website.

Your website can be your hub where you present everything you’ve created so far:

  • your blog posts
  • your ebooks
  • your courses
  • your checklists
  • your video tutorials
  • your articles

If you want to be successful as an author you have to keep your long-term goal in your mind when writing.

Even if your latest post didn’t become a hit… write, write, write and one day you’re gonna have a hit and then you can link to your boy of work so people can learn more about you.

They will know, like, and trust you because you put a lot of effort into creating a library of content and they will admire you for being so consistent.

Since December 2020, I’ve published more than 1,000 Medium stories.

I downloaded a list of my stories to select a bunch of pieces for the blog on my website.

Here’s an interesting digest from the best stories about mastering the game of writing on Medium in my content library 🚀

Binge-Worthy Top Stories To Figure Out The Medium Writing Puzzle 🚀:

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