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What Is It About A Side Hustle That’s Most Appealing To You?

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Apart from marking some extra bucks.

According to a new survey, 40% of Americans have a side gig.

Starting a side hustle, for instance by writing on Medium, is an excellent way to boost your income.

If you feel uneasy about your current financial situation, it’s smart to start your own business on the side.

What’s so appealing about a side hustle?

Aside from making some good money, it’s…

  • being rewarded for your hard work
  • making your own rules
  • using your creative gifts effectively
  • more flexibility and freedom

Why do I have a side hustle?

By blogging on Medium, I stepped into my purposeful passion for writing.

Little did I know it would grow into a profitable online business.

Why do you have a side hustle or would want to start one?

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