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What Is Ko-Fi And Why Is It So Powerful For Writers

  • 2 min read

Don’t miss this opportunity.

I love my daily latte macchiato with coconut milk. ☕

So, a few weeks ago, I set up my Ko-Fi account.

It looks like this:

And here’s the link to my Ko-Fi account where we can invite me to a virtual coffee.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

A coffee shop is s meaningful way to fund your creative work.

Just within a few minutes, you can create a Ko-fi account by simply typing in your name.


  • It’s free to use and charges a 0% transaction fee on donations.
  • PayPal is available.
  • You can embed a link to your profile page where you can accept donations in your Medium stories, for instance at the bottom of your articles.

Tip: My boot camper Dawn 🙂 opened a Publication where you can share WHY you bought a fellow writer a coffeeit’s called Ko-fi love.

Learn more about Ko-fi and funding your work:

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