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What Is ManyStories and Why Is It So Powerful For Medium Writers

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Most writers don’t know about its potential.

“ManyStories is where writers, regardless of where they publish, share their stories and engage with their readers”, shared Lincoln W Daniel who founded the platform.

It can help you to get more eyeballs on your stories and broaden your readership beyond the people who already read your content on

How to participate?

Just sign in and then share your story:

Just copy and paste the link to your Medium article and confirm that you’re the author.

Then ManyStories will show your story to the people from its network.

Top 5 Writers

ManyStories shows a leaderboard of the top 5 writers on the platform:

Angela Dimos is leading the ranking.

My friend Warren "Storyteller" Brown comes in second place.

Then fellow writers such as Chris Wick News, George J. Ziogas and Bill Abbate.

Top 5 Readers

ManyStories also shows the top 5 readers on the platform:

Cee Arr is leading the ranking.

Kathryn Lee, MPH Mehboob Ahmed Michael Whittle, and Kathryn A. LeRoy belong to the top 5 readers on ManyStories.

I’m curious…

I’d love to know from the top 5 readers and writers why they are using ManyStories and how to make the most out of it.

Additionally, I’d love it if Lincoln W Daniel could share more details about the platform (member count, reach, monthly views…).

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