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What Is Speechify And Why Is It So Powerful For Content Creators?

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Even Medium is using it.

In January 2022, Medium introduced its new and incredible audio feature powered by Speechify.

It’s a game-changer because it adds audio to Medium articles.

How does Medium’s audio feature Speechify work?

  • In the desktop version as well as in the app, there’s a button labeled Listen.
  • Click it and you can listen to my articles. It’s a wonderful and natural male AI voice called Matthew and he’s doing a magnificent job. You can choose even different accents or different tones or different people to read it to you.
  • Medium shows you where you are in the text.
  • Oh, I love the handy controls too.

Here you can learn more:

Here are some more reasons why I’m obsessed with Speechify

Speechify website

You can go to and try it for free.

If you create…

  • a draft for your next Medium story
  • an outline for your online course
  • a script
  • a presentation
  • anything in written form…

Speechify will read it to you and you can review it.

It’s been amazing so far because it’s a really great way to quickly review something.

This way, you can hear how it sounds when it’s read and whether you need to change or add something.

Plus, it’s perfect for audio learners and people who are blind.

Besides, this audio assistant will save your eyes and a lot of time.

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