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What Medium Paid Me For 150 Words and 3,600 Views

  • 2 min read

Yes, short form writing is powerful.

Do you know who the most famous short form blogger is?

It’s Seth Godin.

The famous marketing guru posts something every day on his blog.

Many posts only consist of two paragraphs or less.

I am a proponent of the short form.

In summer 2021, my writing pal Burk featured me and my work. He even had a viral hit about the power of short form writing.

Short form writing is powerful and underrated.

  • As a busy working mom, I often don’t have the time to write long form articles.
  • Short form writing gives me a nice dopamine kick when I really need it.
  • Plus, it definitely makes addictive.

Writers complain they only earn pennies with their long form stories.

Hey guys, why not write short form?

You can earn $50 with 150 words.

Here’s the proof:

Happy short form writing!

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