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What Medium Wants To Do Against ‘Manufactured Engagement’

  • 2 min read

Are gamers really done?

Oh boy…

There’s one buzzword booming here: manufactured engagement.

It’s nothing new.

It’s simple.

People try to game the system. They see writing online as a game and want to growth-hack their success.

Let me repeat… that’s nothing new!

This happens on any platform.

This happened before on Medium

Back when claps were the key metric people met on Facebook, shared their stories, and mutually clapped for each other without reading the content.

Medium was aware of this BEFORE they changed the earnings calculation. Now they EXPERIENCED it… with this reaction:

The answer is: rate limiting.

The higher the volume (of engagement), the less authentic the behavior.

“My belief is that we are, personally, successful any time we ARE authentic.” Dawn Ulmer

Sounds confusing? Let me know what you think in the comments and what you’re gonna do about it.

P.S. Did you know there’s a “Medium comment police”?

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