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What To Do If Your Medium Earnings Have Dropped In Just One Day

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Here’s surprising news.

For most writers, it’s been a shock!

I check my earnings at the end of every day and write down the amounts. Now I wish I had taken a screenshot of each day’s earnings as proof! Ann Christine Tabaka

Earnings dropped within a few hours

Ann Christine’s earnings went down about $13 in just one day.

Harry Stefanakis, for instance, experienced a drop of about $8.

This was so upsetting, that they opened a ticket.

Ann Christine got a prompt answer from Medium which might (or might not) surprise you:

We are aware of an issue where your Partner Dashboard is showing an incorrect payout calculation (…) This is just a display bug…


It’s JUST a bug.

So, all you can do is check your earnings for May and if there’s something wrong, wait for Medium to solve the bug.

Bugs, bugs, bugs…

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