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What To Do If Your Story Can’t Be Saved Because It Exceeds The Maximum Length

  • 1 min read

Apparently, Medium wants me to write more short form stories.

The featured image of this story shows the funny notification I received a few minutes ago.

I wrote a piece about how I grew my email list via my socials from the ground to 1,000 subscribers.

It’s a long form story.

Not a short form story with a 1-minute read which I love to write.

Since I’ve never received a notification like this I checked the read time of my story in the backend.

It said: 3 minutes read.

What? This is too long?

Then I thought about it again…

No matter what I did I couldn’t change anything anymore…

So I simply copied and pasted the text and submitted it one more time to SYNERGY.

Then I experienced the next weird bug.

I somehow self-published my story…

So be careful when you meet this weird bug.

By the way, here’s my popular story:

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