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What You Have to Keep In Mind When Reading Income Reports on Medium

  • 2 min read

Often it’s a result of the past. Not from the present

I love when writers (especially Top Writers) share their income reports.

It’s always nice to see a screenshot of the total earnings and some explanation about how they made this amount of money.

What you don’t see is the recurring income from referrals.

If someone joins Medium using your referral link, you will receive half of their monthly membership fee in perpetuity.

That implies you get $2.17 as long as that member pays for Medium membership.

Assume you have 100 individuals to do it — that’s $217.

You now have $217 every month, whether or not you write.

Why is this so important?

If someone says he made $500 but has 100 referrals (which is especially possible for tech writers), this person “only” made $300.

Same with income reports of over $1,000.

Keep this in mind. Often they make money based on recurring income from members thanks to a viral post.

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