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What’s A Content Creator?

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Writers are content creators, too.

It’s definitely the golden era of ‘content creation’. Medium and Co. are racing to attract writers amid a creator arms race.

With their latest changes, the platforms are trying to lure the best creators to their platforms.

What’s a content creator?

Up to now, we’ve always spoken of ‘writers’ on Medium, Now we’ll presumably speak more of ‘creators’, for instance in the enrolled ‘Creator Fellowship Program’ or the ‘Medium Writers Challenge’.

But what are ‘content creators’? defines them as:

👉🏻A content creator is someone who creates appealing and awe-inspiring content for the viewers.

👉🏻(…) it is this emotionally appealing content that connects the audience with your brand.

In regard to this definition, when we write on the online publishing platform Medium, we express ourselves in the written form.

We’re creative, and create (appealing) content in text form.

👉🏻Here’s more💰✍️:

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