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What’s A Lean-In Story?

  • 2 min read

Here’s an example.

For me, writing is an ART.

When I write an ARTicle it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I enjoy the process.

One ARTicle at a time.

The same goes for selling things.

Recently, I wanted to share the news that I’ll host an awesome program called The Online Writing Lab.

Together with my hubby who’s a successful YouTuber and Online Course Instructor, I’ll help people to create an online course, sell it, get people to buy and see sexy results.

Since I’m an introvert, I hate to sound salesy, so here’s what I did…

…I shared an honest story about my hubby earning more with one YouTube video than me writing 50+ stories in 3 months on Medium.

Readers want to know more about…

  • the journey
  • transformation
  • results and
  • how they can start and see results for themselves.

So it’s a lean-in story.

Drop me a line in the comments what’s your lean-in story?

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