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What’s A Typical Person, According To Science

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Day Three of the 10-Day Shortform Challenge

Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but the world’s population is set to hit 8 billion people soon.

The countdown is running.

Did you know there is a study by National Geographic describing the ‘most typical’ person in the world?

The most typical person is a man…:

— 28 years old (the median age globally)

— Right-handed.

— Christian.

— Speaks Mandarin and comes from China

— Owns a cell phone.

— Don’t have a car or bank account.

— Makes less than $12,000 a year.

This is how he looks like:

credit: Quora

Do you find features of yourself in this description?🤔

Well, I’m..,

— a woman, not a man

— 34 years old (older than the global median)

— ✔️Right-handed.

— ✔️Christian.

— can’t speak Mandarin, I’m German

— ✔️Own a cell phone.

— I don’t have a car but a bank account.

— I make more than $12,000 a year.

What about you? 🤔


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