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What’s All The Buzz About DALL•E 3 About?

  • 2 min read

DALL•E 3 is out and I love it

DALL•E 3 is the new kid on the block, and boy, does it know how to show up!

What’s the buzz all about?

Picture this: you’re a writer hungry for unique, captivating images.

You give a shoutout to Bing Chat, click on “Creative,” and utter the magic words — your very own prompt.

The result?

A masterpiece image tailor-made for your content.

Yes, this AI-driven image generator isn’t just sophisticated it’s pure artistry.

So, whether you’re a non-fiction, fiction, humor, relationship, parenting writer or love to cover the latest news in Hollywood or in the world, the canvas is set.

It’s time to brush up your storytelling!

I show you how it works and how to get the best out of it.

Based on the prompts I shared, several Medium writers already created their featured images.

What are you waiting for? Try the DALL•E 3 prompts for free:

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