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What’s Medium’s Coolest Feature?

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I’m curious.

What’s Medium’s coolest feature so far?

😎 Is it Medium’s new audio feature?

For Kristina Segarra it’s Medium’s new audio feature.

As someone who reads and writes a lot, I need to give my eyes a break.

Being able to listen to articles of my favorite writers can definitely help my eyes get much-needed rest.

😎 Is it Medium’s referral program?

Today my former student Megan Llorente informed me about this awesome news:

I got my first referred members this month — 4 of them too! Pretty happy.

Or are there any features missing?

Feature lists are the blueprint of your website or app, entailing everything the platform must be able to do. Not just the marquee features, but the less glamorous requirements too… Codal

❓Which features would you like to add to Medium’s feature list?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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